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Tapper & Baguette Diamonds

We offer an ample array of precisely designed Tapper Baguette that is synonymous to classiness. Our skilled team of artisans precisely process Tapered Baguette Diamonds to assure appealing look.

The baguette cut is a cut used on diamonds and gemstones whose rough form is long and flat. The baguette cut is a rectangle with stepped sites that allow for maximum use of the rough stone. The baguette cutís lack of numerous facets causes baguette-shaped diamonds to be ìpaleî and less sparkly than round-cut, marquise-cut, or princess-cut diamonds, which have many facets at different angles.

Rough diamonds that are appropriate for taper cutting usually undergo cutting along the length of the lattice. The result is a number of slices of elongated diamonds similar looking to a stake. Taper cutting is similar to the cutting used with baguette diamonds But,it does not require the same level of precision as do baguette diamonds or square cuts.

The advantage of the baguette cut is its standard, symmetric shape, which allows the stone to be polished to exact measurements and to order. Its precise nature makes it appropriate for setting in watches and a wide, creative range of jewelry designs.

Below is the range of Treated Diamonds we offer to our clients:

Color Clarity Size Price
WHITE VVS, VS, SI1, SI2, SI3, I1 -1.5MM,+1.5-2MM, +2-2.5MM, +2.5-3MM,+3-3.5MM, +3.5-4MM, +4-5MM AND BIGGER 80$ TO 1000$ AND UP TO 2000$ PER CARAT DEPENDING ON SIZES,COLOR AND PURITY

Know more about Treated Diamonds:

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Apart from Treated Diamonds we also offer the following cut Diamonds: Full Cut Diamonds, Fancy Cut Diamonds, Single Cut Diamonds