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Fancy Cut Diamonds

Fancy Cut Diamonds as the name suggests are Regular Loose Diamonds which are cut into different Fancy Cut shapes and sizes for various reasons. VD Gems over the years have gained the expertise to provide clients with fancy cut diamonds to fit all their diamond jewelry needs. VD Gems is one of the highest graded Diamond Manufacturers and Diamond Suppliers of Fancy Cut Diamonds.

The pure brilliance of a diamond is majorly dependent on the cut of the diamond; hence if the diamond is poorly cut then it loses its charm and luminosity. We at VD Gems knowing this make sure that all our fancy cut diamonds are cut to perfection for providing them the brilliance they need. There are various types of fancy cut diamonds which are available in the market and there are also proprietary cuts as well.

The major Fancy Cut Diamonds that we offer are:

  • Princess Cut
  • Emerald Cut
  • Cushion Cut
  • Radiant Cut
  • Oval Cut
  • Pear Cut
  • Marquise Cut
  • Heart Cut
  • Asscher Cut

Know more about Fancy Cut Diamonds:

Fancy cut diamonds as the name says are diamonds which are cut into fancy shapes for various jewelry and accessories. The question now arises how to differentiate between a fancy cut diamond and regular diamond? The answer is simple; any diamond which has the shape other than a round cut is a fancy cut diamond. Fancy cut diamonds have three main cutting styles as follows:

  • Brilliant Cut – this kind of cut creates a triangular and kite shaped facets in the center of the diamond, which then goes outwards towards the girdle. Example of this kind of cutting style is oval cut and cushion cut diamond.
  • Step Cut – it is also known as trap cut. This cut creates long and narrow cuts in rows which is parallel to the diamonds girdle on both the crown and pavilion. This cut is usually known for rectangular or square shape. Example of this kind of cutting style is an emerald cut diamond.
  • Mixed Cut – this cutting style is a combination of brilliant cut and step cut. Example of a mixed cut is princess cut diamond.

Apart from Treated Diamonds we also offer the following cut Diamonds: Full Cut Diamonds, Fancy Cut Diamonds, Single Cut Diamonds