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Single Cut Diamonds

VD Gems Ltd is a pioneer amongst Diamond Manufacturers of the most distinguished Single Cut Diamonds in the world. We have been in the Diamonds trade from past 3 decades till date. Over the years experience we have developed our expertise in various cut diamonds. Our customers from every nook and corner of the world have been placing bulk orders for our Diamonds due to the flawless quality and inexplicable radiance that our company VD Gems has to offer in each and every diamond. Single Cut Diamonds are one of the most famous types of diamonds which are widely in demand around the whole globe and they are can be seen everywhere around you say in jewelry, watches, accessories and more.

Single Cut Diamonds are also known by other names such as Eight Cut Diamonds or 8/8 cut diamonds. The reason being they are also called as 8/8 Cut Diamonds or Eight Cut Diamonds is because they have eight facets on bottom and eight on top with one table totaling 17 facets. All these diamonds have eighteen facets that assist them in being different from other cut diamonds like full cut diamonds, fancy cut diamonds, etc.

We at VD Gems offer a wide variety of Single Cut Diamonds that can suit any of your diamond needs. All our diamonds are of the finest quality and can be widely used in pretty much all types of jewelry. We also have diamonds those are specially designed for Watches & Jewelry. All our diamonds go through a very rigid quality check at each and every stage of its cutting process so as to maintain maximum quality and radiance.

Below is the range of premium quality Single Cut Diamonds or 8/8 Cut Diamonds that we offer:

Color Clarity Size Price
WHITE, OW, TTLB, DB, NATTS, TTLC VVS, VS, SI, I1, I2, PK +0000-0000, +000-0, +0-2, +2-4, +4-7 (0.70MM TO 2.10MM) 14 USD TO 600 USD PER CARAT

Please Feel free to Contact Us for any queries related to our premium quality Single Cut Diamonds that we offer. We will do our best to offer you the most affordable price for our Diamonds without sacrificing on their quality!

Know more about Single Cut Diamonds or 8/8 Cut Diamonds:

Diamonds which are usually small and are cut in a different shape than the usual standard cut are called as Single Cut Diamonds. These diamonds are generally less than 10 points that is 10 Carat. The facets of a these diamonds are comparatively very small and less, which helps to keep the cost of the diamond pretty low.

The name of Single cut diamond can be misleading at times. As the name suggests, it does not mean the diamond just has a single cut!

Single Cut for diamonds was started off in the early 1600's having a very few facets on them in order to get proper light on the diamonds and the main aim for giving diamonds a single cut was to make it easier for jewelers to set them and secure them in mountings of jewelry and accessories.

Earlier the diamonds were either pointy objects, lopped off Diamonds, smoothed off rough rock, or even just jagged chunks of Chipped Diamonds called as Diamond Chips. People still refer to such small diamonds as chips. These kind of diamond chips are not used in today’s age. However, very few use them. Single Cut Diamonds have come a very long way and is a vast improvement in the diamond cutting industry. The Facets actually give a Diamond its brilliance. It also provided a stepping stone for the modern Brilliant Cut Diamond that we see today in our jewelry and watches.

Apart from Single Cut Diamonds we also offer Diamonds such as Full Cut Diamonds, Fancy Cut Diamonds and Treated Diamonds