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Watch Diamonds

Top supplier for certified watch diamonds.

Our History and Background about Watch diamonds:

We are one of the leading manufacturer and pioneer of loose diamonds with variety of diamonds cuts, such as single cut( 8/8 cut) diamonds, full cut ( brilliant cut ) and treated diamonds like tapper & baugette diamonds. Apart from it, also deals with fancy cut diamonds for modern era.

Our speciality and strenghts are: quality diamonds, precision and timely delivery!

Past 3 decades, we have built the trust among our customers but at the same time, we have faced numoruos up and down in this luxury industry. Now we strongly believes that, our customers are our partners, who indrectly help and support us to be leading diamond provider. We beleive business is not originated through any relations, or contacts, but it may come from inovative and creative out of box thinking. But still customers plays key role in business, as customer's valuable suggestions and feedback are integral part of business growth.

We are on the verge to become order base top suppliers as currently our 70 % business is only order base and supplying diamonds to topmost watches and jewellery industry leaders.

About Skills and manpower, We have skilled work force with reliable and trustworthy management teams for complete customer satisfaction with personalised order management.

Watch diamonds Shape and Sizes:

We are expert supplier for customized diamonds with variable sizes. It includes:

  • - single cut ( 8/8 cut ) diamonds
  • - custom cuts in mm sizes as per customers special requirements order ( 0.6 mm to 2.8 mm )
  • - full cut ( brilliant cut )( 0.6 mm to 2.8 mm )
  • - tapper, baugette ( 1.00 mm to 7.00 mm )
  • - fancy shape diamonds

Our key to success for Watch Diamonds:

  • 1. Best quality diamonds
  • 2. Perfect grading
  • 3. Repeat orders
  • 4. Competative pricing


Our responsibility in not only ends at sales, but we take care of our customer over the period with pre-sales and post-sales support as well.