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Full Cut Diamonds

VD Gems takes stride to present captivating Full Cut Diamonds. We have been a trusted leading company amongst other diamond manufacturers and diamond suppliers for Full Cut Diamonds. In the diamond market Full Cut Diamonds have always been in demand for various reasons ranging from jewelry to watches. VD Gems has been supplying this need of Full Cut Diamonds with highest quality of diamonds. Our each and every Full Cut Diamonds go through several detailed quality inspection stages before making it available to our clients. Our consistent quality can be seen in our Full Cut Diamonds throughout the lot. This quality, purity and premium design of our Full Cut Diamonds has made us one of the leading diamond manufacturers and diamond suppliers in the whole world.

You can be rest assured when you are buying Full Cut Diamonds with us.

We offer the following Full Cut Diamonds:

Color Clarity Size Price
WHITE, OW, TTLB, DB, NATTS, TTLC VVS, VS, SI, I1, I2, PK +0000-2, STAR(+2-605), MALE (6.5-11) & +11(0.90MM TO 3.60MM) 100 USD TO 800 USD PER CARAT

Know more about Full Cut Diamonds:

Full Cut Diamonds are nothing but Round Brilliant Cut diamonds. Full cut diamonds are named as for the number of facets they hold. Initially all full cut diamonds are single cut. After going through more of the cutting process it becomes a full cut diamond. As a reason full cut diamonds are more expensive then single cut diamonds. A full cut diamond has 58 facets compared to a single cut diamond which has 18 facets.

Apart from Full Cut Diamonds we are manufacturers and suppliers of the following Diamonds as well: Single Cut Diamonds, Fancy Cut Diamonds and Treated Diamonds